Friday, 4 June 2010

shot 17 ver 1.7update_ lady claps, macho storms off

Made some minor fixes, Machos expression changes,lady's reaction i cut down a bit so there's only 2 emotions on show.

Its time to wrap this clip up, there's not a lot more improvements I can get out of it.

shot 17 ver 1.7_ lady claps, macho storms off

redid the clap, sorted out her clipping hands and feet, fixed Machos walk. tried making her emote more.

Shot 17 ver 1.5_ lady claps, macho storms off

I ditched the Machos angry reaction and tried showing it more in his walk. tried to make him exit without it looking too abrupt, while at the same time not going over the 2 second limit. I gave Lady a different clap, one that registered more as a clap and not a spastic hand jive. I tilted Lady forwards a little and had her rock slightly, to give the impression she's enjoying the heroes tricks. as close as i get her to the screen, the nose is less noticeably sticking up.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

shot 17 update Macho storms off angry playblast

This shot i lengthened out a little so the Macho could exit shot without it looking rushed, I gave the lady a different clap, not sure how it compares to the last.

the arms i have moved the keyframes so they don't occur exactly on top of each other.

the finger animation is in there too.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

shot 17 ver 1.2 Macho storms off angry playblast

Updates i made to shot 17, exaggerated machos reaction a little, made him walk out of shot abit more.
I had a go at making ladys expression change, probably needs a bit more work, need to animate the fingers.

moved her legs apart a little for consistency between shots

Shot 17 ver 1.0 Macho storms off angry playblast

Doing a block out, is abit unfinished, just need the go ahead incase anything fundamental needs fixing..

shot 17 ver 1.1

Monday, 31 May 2010

shot 30 playblast ver 1.6

pebble lands on the pot plant being lifted by Macho Gnome.