Monday, 29 March 2010

second week, just getting started.

so far i have some things i have been busy doing for the third years.
I have been gathering up some soundtracks for when i am animating the shots for Pirates of the Produce Isle (POPI), i am doing a quick test for team whack'd as well, but i will be telling them when it is complete that i will be giving my full attention to finishing
POPI's animation.

heres a play blast of my work in progress for Team Whack'd

this week i will only need to be in college for tuesday, not counting incase i have to come in to meet up with the third years. So that gives me time to do my enterprise & Entrepreneur homework, which i would like to get done soon, give it a decent amount of time to consider. But i think the animation will take the majority of my time.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

1st post, gonna wor with a team of third years

Today, the third years pitched their movies in the afternoon to us.
they had their concepts and animatics mostly sorted out. i think pirates of the produce isle might need the most amount of help in terms of animation as they have about 0 shots to complete. Gnome had around 36 shots, so thats not as much work, but the pirate one also has lip sync, which can run on a bit long too. the hit-man comedy by team whack'd seems the most manageable in the time, its just i'm not sure if it is going to work. it is meant to be all serious then turn comedic. it could work, just it could come off not as it was intended, not without appropriate work done in the right areas, things like sound and mood. anyway. i given them all my details and hope they send their assets on the public forum by the end of the week. not sure if it would be optimistic to think they'll have environments and characters ready to animate by the end of the week, maybe in an ideal work i could get to work right away. In the mean time i have been doing some personal animation, which i showed some of the groups as examples of my work. some lip sync which i am keep to have another go at and some action with the characters.
at least if all the pacing and dialogue and concept are all in the bag and set in stone, i guess it means less work for me, all i have to do is deliver it to the standard that they want. i AM PRETTY CONFIDENT these milestones are achievable, but it depends how much work they give me.
i think enough to keep me busy for 9 weeks is great so i will wait and see. just have my contextual studies essay to refine and hand in a draft.