Monday, 29 March 2010

second week, just getting started.

so far i have some things i have been busy doing for the third years.
I have been gathering up some soundtracks for when i am animating the shots for Pirates of the Produce Isle (POPI), i am doing a quick test for team whack'd as well, but i will be telling them when it is complete that i will be giving my full attention to finishing
POPI's animation.

heres a play blast of my work in progress for Team Whack'd

this week i will only need to be in college for tuesday, not counting incase i have to come in to meet up with the third years. So that gives me time to do my enterprise & Entrepreneur homework, which i would like to get done soon, give it a decent amount of time to consider. But i think the animation will take the majority of my time.

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