Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Here is an image of my guard animation before starting the block out. i find this very helpful, as its very quick to draw very basic and get the feet right. With the little stick man figure i think about what every limb is doing if he is walking in the shot. when it comes to lip sync animation, i tend to use my camera to record myself and have it playing somewhere in the back ground for reference.

Sometimes (if there is body movement involved) I will do some quick sketches for how to do animation for key expressions, what the body is doing, But i try not to spend too much time on this part, mostly because i like to be rough and raw, when i start meddling with the idea it starts to loose the point. Besides the 3D animation doesn't always look exactly how i had sketched it out, as i will usually come up with more ideas as I work or improve on some of the initial ideas.

I will do a storyboard if it is a complex shot with alot of elements happening in the scene I will need to be aware of:

like in this example ( which is unrelated to my pirate project as there is already a 3d animatic) but just as an example of a detailed storyboard :

Often if a piece of animation is too complex example : the character could be summersaulting in the air or doing a ninja roll it will be difficult to remember what pose they need to end up in. So i will draw out every frame before starting. This way of blueprinting helps me block it out and make refinements where needs be.

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