Wednesday, 21 April 2010


here are some examples of Rotoscoped animation i have been occupying my free time with over the Easter break.

I have been using a Robot rig I downloaded with the permission to use from the original creator niklas-wennersten.

I contacted Him on creative Crash to get his permission to use his rig for my animation, making sure i let him know its for my work and completely non profit.

I am in the process of contacting the creator of the Andy rig, but they haven't answered yet.

This i AM DOING MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE LECTURE I HAD last week about Copy right infringement. It's something i will have to take seriously sooner or later, making sure i credit my own work as well as work I have Borrowed. I found it very helpful indeed.

AS FOR DVD ideas, this is menus I would like to do, I had an idea suddenly occur to me when I remembered the GAMEPLAY from an old Button Promt arcade game called DRAGONS LAIR.

basically your a Knight who has to rescue a princess from a Dragon, it features animation by Don Bluth who prior to this did alot of work with Disney animation on films such as the Rescuers, Robin Hood and Pete's Dragon.

This game is considered the first interactive movie, or cutscene as they are now known, featuring in games Like Resident Evil 4 and uncharted, which means you watch the animation, and when a button would appear you have to press it in time to avoid death. This was an incredibly Difficult game, it basically tested the gamer's memory as you had to memorize the timing and combination of buttons to press, if you failed to act in time you see the lead character killed and you re-spawn a bit further back. As I say the timings were incredibly hard to get down, and gamer's would only learn by trial and error.

I THought this might be interesting to do for a dvd menu, maybe set up a 3d fight scene where the viewer has to actively participate to make sure the fight plays out correctly. This may make the DVD more engaging.

However it does have its down sides depending on who's playing, they may not understand what to do and get frustrated.

Plus i may not have the time to develop all the different outcomes as well as program where i want the viewer to actually go to see my work.
SO I will probably end up going with something a bit more user friendly and easy to navigate.

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