Monday, 5 April 2010

Just been reading the third years blogs,

Some images of some light tests i tried out, one with spot light and the other with volume, but i don't see much difference, may need to look at my lighting tutorial again.

seems they are working pretty flat out,

the pIRATES TEAM seem to have the models rigged, they have some jiggle physicals and stuff now i think they need to paint weights. I am hoping they will be done by tuesday if not by friday at the latest, I need to get cracking on their projects! :O

Team whack'd seem to be busy texturing. I did tell Arah from project Gnome recently i have commitments to the Pirates team, she was sayign they are still keen to have me do some animating for them, i was saying i would help if they run behind schedule but wont be able to be a regular.

Ah well, i guess i am getting desperate to get on with some animating for their projects, cos at the moment i am kinda stuck animating material i can put in my showreel.

i may well upload some of it at some point, but for now its just stuff to keep my hands occupied till they have somethign for me to work with, I did recently do a lighting test for the Pirates team,

Right now i guess if the third years are all taking their time getting started, i may have to do some more research for my other projects while i wait, i am currently writting out a top ten list of things i will have to consider when moving ahead in the industry.

Have been taking down notes for my 8000 word dissertation and looking at other articles similar to my subject, have signed up with some gaming journalistic sites like for industry insight, and where the industry is going, things like that to keep my time occupied.

rIGHT NOW I AM READING SOME BOOKS that might be useful,
one is the Ultimate guide to game writting, it has these little exercises i may find useful when i am playing a game next, its saying list all the things ass you play that are great and not so great, all the little niggling complaints write them down. it even has ways for you to construct the game narative yourself and see how you would do things differently.

I think this will be incredibly useful, I tend to play some games for about an hour between my animating, so thats a very useful thing to consider :)

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