Thursday, 1 April 2010

looks like third years have some rigs i can work with

mostly, this week I have been animating material for my showreel, its all personal stuff, mostly rotoscoped animation. I need to do a lot more "freehand" animation without much reference footage. thats where the pirates project will be coming in.

i knocked this out pretty quickly, so its not going to be as hard as i am letting my mind think it is.

I will need to have some rigged characters to work with soon or i will not have much time! :O

I will be in college today for lectures, I need to make sure the pirates team of third years have some fully UV'd and Rigged characters for me to work with over the weekend. I wont be in friday since its a holiday. :O

I dont want to delay animation any longer, i need to give myself enough time!

Anyway, i will try not to stress, I will get on with the animating as soon as its ready.

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