Thursday, 22 April 2010


I had the idea to do a little looped dance animation using a maya rig model, have it keep dancing till the viewer presses a button to advance.

then u may get a little transition, but that may take a while to do.

I may just go with a few animated short bits i can use.

I will take a small bit of the dancing and make a looped piece of animation, depending on time constraints, it may end up being very short so i can get it all done in time.

I think the way I will edit it, i will pick a piece of music, most likely a minute long, any longer is too much i think. And will just animate for that length of time, i will probably loop an animation just to be more economical.

this is another REALLY WONDERFUL Idea for a DVD Menu i LIKED, THIS IS PROFESSIONAL AND I AM NOT SURE THIS IS ACHIEVABLE IN THE TIME, but yeah if i had an unlimited amount of time i would endeavor for something like this.

I think just delivering on a nice peice of animation, smooth transitioning, i should just be happy with whatever I put out and just strive to do it better the next time, Doning it for this unit will get me excited to try again for the year after. will have been fun, and i will try to squeeze more stylish content into the disc space, ring out as much potential out of the thing as I can.

this is a quick montage i put together of possible videos i would like to use as animation reference for my little dance.

I have been following Monty Oum's work

For a few years now, this guy was an animator at midway, and he's responsible for the Dead Fantasy short series. which is a series of martial arts fights done in 3D using the character models from the Dead or Alive and the Final Fantasy Cannon.
His work is reaaallly inspirational to me, and a testament to what one person can do when they really want to. He has of late been putting out a few short clips of his female characters dancing to popular canto-pop songs while the world waits for Dead fantasy VII. He was saying compared to the fighting animation, making the characters dance is much easier because he doesn't have to think about it.

This kinda gave me the idea to do something similar for my Dvd menu.

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