Saturday, 24 April 2010


Was a good day, alot of great speakers, gave some feedback on what I thought was great and what didn't work so well.

one thing I did the night before turning up on friday, I printed out a lot of examples of my work and laminated it so i had something to show the guest speakers incase they wanted to see some examples. Unfortunately i didn't seize any opportunities to talk one on one with them, but i was glad I did it anyway. I printed about 10 different things, but some of the speakers for the freelance broadcasting and the design one said "If you only had 3 pieces of excellent work, just show 3 pieces of work. Sid tompkins at Ogililvy did tell a story of a person he interviewed a week earlier who rought her whole portfolio to show him, with little to no preparation, her work was ok, but nothing special, he was set to turn her down, then she produced two pieces of work that were excellent, Sid was like she should have just shown him those pieces as the rest looked like someone elses work.

I did finally find out what "T shaped design was" finally after about 5 speakers hammered home the meaning, being focused on one thing , and having a massive breadth of work, finally, get it! :)

I thought the Pecha Kucha thing was great, really great idea. Rapid fire talking, speakers u don't wanna hear don't outstay their welcome (not that anyone was particularly bad) , one cool speaker i thought was Otku Can, he just talked about the things he wished he'd have done at my age, a few that stood out were take risks, get your hands dirty, don't be precious with your ideas, be prepared to reinvent yourself. these were pretty cool, last one was about not letting habit set in, have to stay fluid to stay relevant, cant keep milking old work. anyway, i found it very useful,

especially when it comes to what work to put in my DVD, i think i shouldn't be worried about including everything if i don't think its up to par with my lofty standards :)

Besides, Tanya, an ex Ravensbourne student working in paris for Ogililvy was saying its better to include the work you want to continue doing at the place you want to work. So in my case i have a lot of 2d work and am in the process of developing 3D , and that is what i would like to carry on doing, So i think for my showreel, including only a bit of really good 2d and maybe a little photoshop i did recently would be great. Padding is Surplus to requirement.

To be honest it was a great help , but industry day was more for the first years who weren't aware of these things, i am very much aware of making sure you make yourself indispensable to your employers and making sure to keep yourself punctual and a good person to work with as well as having kick ass cutting edge work, but its nice to be reminded and to have someone spell it out in plain english.

So in the end it was well worth doing!! :) It's helped give me a different perspective on my current work. :)

also i am going to do a search for Otku can, just going to check out his work as hes a brand strategist or futurologist, and also Nick Tahieri, another ex Ravensbourne student who set up Nieku as his website, i like his 2D style of work, he did a nice bit of self promotion in the collge for his recently founded website. That was nice to see sooo many confident speakers delivering a great presentation. Is great since I will be in a similar possition soon delivering my pitch for E&E.

i guess one of the things I'd wished I'd piped up about on the day was how long it took them to become confident at public speaking. I know I have abit more confidence than most at public SPeaking, but i still have trouble getting over the initial fear hurdle, and also if you aren't presenting to a group on a regular basis you fall back into the pit of inadequacy. i would have liked to see what kind of numbers they throw out, how many times till it was natural and they could project from a personal place of confidence. Ah well ill ask next time something similar happens.

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