Tuesday, 11 May 2010


My shots for the third years are completed and I sent the maya files to them.
I have put myself on hold for the Pirates of the produce Aisle group , incase they need some extra help rendering or texture or lighting.
Right now i am just animating more CLips for my Showreel, mostly using free rigs, but if I can get the models the third years sent me to render I may try animating some extra clips using those.

I will get to work on my Dvd this week and at the weekend i will have (if all goes well) finished reading my magazine about gaming history, so i will crack on with writing up he dissertation for third year. I think that if i spent a whole day on it, i would get the majority of it done, so weekend will be good.

i have the contextual essay to write too, so i will get on with that next week, well its written but that draft is out of date, will start again, rewrite it, because the focus of my essay has changed , needs to be redone.

Also today, I met with some sound design students, who are interested in putting folly sound effects into some fight scene animation I did, which will be a huge help. I didn't plan to use any sound effects, , just put a non copy written soundtrack ontop of my showreel. Not that it matters too much as only a few people will see it, but in the long run i will probably put it up online.

So anyway, just working on the 3d and getting on with the writing will be my main focus up till end of second year.

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