Monday, 3 May 2010

Kick Up Animation using Max

this is an animation I decided to do while I am working on the captain jumping in mid air animation.

the captain bullet time jumping throught the air looks ok at first but as hes spinning in the air it gets tricky.

I felt i should do an animation test to help me animate the body twisting and landing correctly on the spot, this little animation i finished in the evening and photoshopped a nice back ground the morning after. the light on Max was done in maya, took abit of trial and error to get right, but looks ok.

Actually this animation is important because i got into the swing of using the graph editor to smooth out my animation, i didn't completely understand it, but it brought back the simplicity of the ball with tail lessons. but applying it to a humanoid figure is a real challenge, especially if the character is pirouetting through the air. so I don't expect to have that down straight away, but maybe after more trial and error.

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