Wednesday, 19 May 2010

SHOT 10 Playblasts_Lady Gnome meets Macho Gnome ver 1.1

Shot 10 ver 1.1

I redid the arm animation and toned down the hair movement, i also added in some finger movement.

im dont think i can get it looking any slower unless i go over the time in the animatic.

I agree the little bobbing on the plant is a bit of a wasted action so i dropped that.

i did have a little bit of feet movement in there, but i don't think much more movement is needed.

Ill have a go at the leaves now, get a few of them falling.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Alex,

    Nice slow mo but the hand/arm needs to be lower as it looks like its flicking the top part of the hair instead of the lower part of the hair which it should be. Nice overlap on the hand when it comes back into place after the hair flick.

    Can you place the other arm down on the mushroom quite casual? dont worry if you cant but just a suggestion.

    Like the jump as Macho enters the scene, just reduce the height of the jump a little, maybe release the arms from the fold slightly as shes been shocked.

    Nice work though, keep it up