Monday, 17 May 2010

A Shot for the Gnome Project

I recently got in contact with Sarah Verall, she would like me to do a quick piece of animation for her film.

basically just a shot she has where, a muscular Gnome is trying to win the affections of a lady Gnome by lifting a giant plant pot. and a smaller Gnome chucks a pebble ontop that is like the straw that broke the camels back.

So this pebel flying through the air is what i ned to animate.

there also is a shot to work on where the Lady Gnome is first introduced , and the muscular Gnome slides into shot, ready to woo her.

This is more a comedy shot that I will need to see the animatic for.

Sarah will be sending me the assets, so the props, characters, and environment as well as the animatic. they want to recieve my assets on A-drive. i think its an online storage base where you can send up to 8gigs, but i think I need to sign up fr that.
But i don't know so i will be waiting for a message later tonight.

this i said i can take me a day or two to finish a shot. The Pirate groups shots i finished each one over 2-3 days, depending, some were more complicated and took longer.

The Gnome models by comparison don't need to do any lip sync and are pretty simple. Well see,
I didn't want to take on more work when I have contextuals to finish.

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