Saturday, 15 May 2010

Work for my DVD..

I have been doing some work on my DVD lately, it will have to be put on hold as this weekend i am writting my contextual studies essay, dissertation, and my pitch for E&E which is due for monday.

But for now what I have done sofar.

My original intention was to do a title sequence for my dvd whith a 3D character doing a dance on a loop while you select what you want to see first.
While i still want to animate a 3d character doing a dance, I don't think i have the time to get it looking good. And sofar i have a plethora of short martial arts fighting clips I have montaged together, so i was thinking, since i want to be a games character animator to start with, Why not make the title look like a fighting game title or character select screen, something with a "Game" vibe about it.

I have been looking at a few examples of this:

this was star wars Jedi Power Battles on the Playstation. was basically an arcade style beat em up where you select your Jedi from the council chamber screen and go off to do battle with the droids and plat-forming. What I find interesting, as its a movie tie in, albeit a loose one, you are in the council chamber, with all these Jedi who appeared in the movie. I like this idea, I would probably have on the title my characters sitting in chairs, with a T.V. window floating above their heads, which will be the buttons to take you to my videos. Although I know i can model a chair, i don't have any creator own models, most of my animation I have used free rigs.

this is the title screen to Soul Calibur 3 on PS2. Solid weapon based fighter. one thing the series is known for is its announcer telling the player its a story transending History, a tale of soul and swords, eternally retold. It does this in just about every gmae, like each one is a retelling of a page of history. And the mode select screen in this is literally a book and a page turning. This is interesting for its consistency with the game. I pointed this out mostly because these are often consistent with the theme and story of the fighting game itself, so its reflected in some way. I wouldn't do the book opening thing, because I did it before for last terms project, which was an environment with a fairy tail story book opening, so id rather avoid doing it again.

Quick example of Music from Super Street fighter 4, its energetic, its lively, just like how an intense game of SF gets the blood pumping. So it preps the mind for an intense experience. I will keep this in mind. i may have to go with copy written material, I would prefer to have a decent piece of royalty free music made for me, But Beggars cant be choosers.

I can go on and on about fighting games and Martial arts DVDs, but they all pretty much share the same school of thought. GEt the viewer all pumped up for an exciting piece of action. while I don't have an entire fight scene to speak of, I do have small clips i will montage together, as well as drawings of fight poses I can intersperse into the title

These are some work in progress images i have done for my title, I thought to go wit ha little martial arts style logo, that flies in, with a dragon animated to come into shot, and the ying yang opens out and you can choose from my clips which to play, all the while i can have some of my 2d pose drawings flying past in the background. i thought this could be an interesting challenge.

Well see how it goes, if it does not look very good by the end, I may just go with a still image background and just get it looking as good as i can before deadline submission.

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