Thursday, 15 April 2010

has been a While since my last Blog entry

But now i have some thing to work on,

I met up with Lewis and Tom from third year, we discussed what shots i would be working on.

I have around 8 shots to be working on, which are:

Shot 14. Idea Guard , the guard is reaching and gives up, and is suddenly struck with an idea.
Shot 15. Claw Grab , the Guard decides the quickest way to reach the box is his little ultra hand or metal litter picking claw.
following shots are him struck by lightning,

I am considering the shots that take place around it so i can maintain continuity as best i can.

Shot 31. “Listen Lad” , this is the captain offering the guard a chance to hand over the treasure for his life, this is a line of lip sync and character animation i will do once the captain model is complete and rigged. i will take time to get this looking good and consistent.

Shot 50. "Slow-mo captain jumps in the air", this shot i was Asking lewis about as it may present a few technical problems. Such as if the captain is animated at regular speed and then slowed down, the animation will look jerky. So i could animate it and render out as more frames so as to give the illusion of slow mo. or just simply animate it normally and stretch out all the key frames. This one is a little complex as i have never done "Bullet time" before in 3D, and it can quite easily look silly if not done with care.

Shot 56. Sword Fling ,This is after the class with the guard and captain, where they are doing the classic hero faces villain look. There is a shot after where the captains sword is flung into the air and crashes into the pirate ship. This shouldnt be too bad, Although, Tom (third year) is doing the hero villain close up shot 54, Hayley (second year) is doing shot 55 where the guard shouts Never, and i have the shot after, so i will probably leave this shot till i see theirs finished, so i can match the continuity. If i run low on time i will just do it how it looks in the animatic.
Shot 57. Rope Cut This shot and 58 are quick insert shots of the ship when it starts rolling towards the 2 characters, these can be done pretty quickly. so these may not need too much attention.

and finally shot 61 "the boa landing", this is the ship when its been in mid air, flying it is a POV of the ship land on both characters, this will be a reaction shot of the two going Uh Oh! to the ship nearly on them, this shout be fine. has abit of camera movement, But i have done the exact same kind of shot in my term when i did compositing, so it will be fine.

Here is some work i did with the patches rig while i waited to get some work done:

Shot 58. Rope Drop

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