Thursday, 22 April 2010


First thing, I couldn't do a weekly schedule, as the third years were really late getting the models rigged and ready for me to use, they are still working on them now. They really should have been ready for me to use, but here we are and i decided to divide my time daily.

I think 2 days is enough time on each shot to get the block out done and to refine it to readiness. I will be uploading the clips I finish on here as well as on the Third year students Pirates Blog, there are a few things that may happen towards the final weeks during rendering and refining the animation, Team whack'd and Gnome i will offer my assistance if they are struggling on their deliverables. I think most of the shots I have to work on are pretty basic. I hope this is not too optimistic but i may have a lot of the shots done ahead of schedule. I like to give myself a realistic amount of time to do the work, and I think i can have it all done with at least a week left for rendering and last minute refinements.

i will be following the animatic the third years have provided, so i will have a very good guide for my shots. Like i say, these will be uploaded on the blog as I go, giving the third years time to look at it and give me some feedback, incase what I animated is not the direction they want. I have taken the time to speak with Lewis Taylor at least once a week, I am sure we are both pretty clear what he wants for the clip as I have asked about certain things that may become a problem down the line when animating.
So i doubt there will be many secondary passes or refinements that need to happen.

This weekend i will start on the guard rig animation, I will get hold of the Captain rig possibly this friday or monday if I'm being realistic.

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